Monday, March 02, 2009

The All You Can Eat Snow Diet!

There is half a sheet cake sitting in my kitchen. It mocks me on a regular basis. It knows it is -

a.) the only junk food in my house unless you count the box of Annie's Cheddar Bunnies but I think they taste like soap so who cares anyway, right?


b.) that I started weight watchers a few weeks ago and I've been failing miserably.

It is not like it is the holidays or anything but two weekends of birthday parties and an endless supply of cake, birthday pancakes for TD and food for company has not made it easy. I was all working out and loosing 'the pooch' as H put it about two weeks ago and then it just went to hell in a monster-sized laundry basket.

I'm back on today and I'm hoping that the stomach bug I seem to have contracted this weekend has kicked it into high gear. But seriously weight watchers? Why is a cup of organic yogurt so many freakin' points?! I cannot subsist off spinach leaves and air while nursing. I'll go to the gym and get my activity points up like mad but I'm not going to resort to eating all the fresh snow we have just to fill up and remain within my daily allotted points.

I could also be like this blogger and post some before WW pictures but I'm just not that brave. I am brave enough to give up my sweet tooth, save for one day a week, and to drastically reduce my brie intake to zero. Alcohol will only be consumed once a week and popcorn will become my new best friend. Sadly, without the luscious, dripping butter quotient. Mmm.. don't you want to come and live at my house?

Yeah, me neither.

P.S. I've decided to get totally insane and join this crazy mob of bloggers. I might just have a death wish. I ordered my very own special copy of scary Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred DVD today. Really, the few times I've watched 'The Biggest Loser' I've wanted to take a bite out of my television screen she makes me that crazy. However, my goal to lose ten pounds can only be enhanced by working with this group of women. I'll let you know when I need to be scraped up off the floor.


  1. What I wouldn't give to have any amount of birthday cake goodness in my kitchen right now. I'd even nibble some non-gluten-free cake at this point.

    I miss first-world food.

  2. WW is sooo hard at first. But stick it out!! I lost over 70 pounds on it when I left Cali. I tried it again after I had Aiden, but I couldn't get on the ball with a baby.....

  3. I am always here to provide a home for any unwanted cake. Especially if it's from Costco. Seriously.

  4. The 30day shred dvd is such a blast!! Although the 3rd level makes you want to DIE! Jillian is such a beast and i love it!


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