Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Secrets Here! Get Them While They are Hot!

Maybe it was the Superwoman underoos, but I don't think so. I wanted to be Darth Vader over Princess Leia as a kid. I was obsessed with all things Batman. I admit that I've had a crush or two on some animated figures in my past and even sported a sweet little joker circa The New Animated Series on my Volvo's Dashboard along with various stickers of the said clown. It's been pretty simple for me to admit to being a geek about blogging and other social media areas. I'll even cop to reading comic books in my teens (I bet H didn't even know that!) and I once drove to about five different fast food chains in one night to collect Jack Skellington and Batman movie gear. I'm that much of a dork.

And now one more secret will be revealed.

For years I've been saying, "Meh, I'm too old for that stuff now. I'm not reading anymore comic books." I'm not going to buy into that franchise or admit to how excited I really get over Iron Man and of course, the beloved Dark Knight in all his many formats. Each time I heard a blip about this one in particular I have always just pushed it aside. "I'm a grown woman after all", I told myself. If I read it now after all this time and get excited now and give in to how hot damn freakin' excited I am each time I hear an interview or see a promo (like Tom Cruise jumpin' on the couch excited) I'll be such a... poseur. Ugh.

Today though, I no longer care. Here it is people. I can't put it down. I'm sorry I waited so long to come to the party.

Now I'm just sad that I have no one to go to see this awesome film with (OK, I hope it is as awesome as I am imagining it will be.) as H is so not on board.


  1. I'll let you know when I figure out when we're going. It's one of The Hubz's favorite things of all time, so I have no doubt whatsover that we'll be seeing it this weekend.

  2. We're going in Fairfax tomorrow night at 7:45. Get a ticket on Fandango and email me, and we can sit together ;)

  3. So do I dare tell you that the film will be but a few feet away from my cube in the next day - I'll even touch the cans for you if you want me to?

    Brad wants to go see it maybe you two should go together!

  4. I have no idea what The Watchmen is. I feel old and out of touch.

  5. Aaron is so upset that I have to be at my clinical for nursing school at 6:30am and therefore can't go see the midnight showing of Watchmen the night before. I'm making him wait until Friday night, and that wait might just kill him.

    If you lived closer, you could totally tag along with us.

  6. Drew tsk tsk... don't put the 'the' in front. It's just Watchmen.

    OK back to my dork cave.


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