Thursday, November 13, 2008

You Know What I'm Excited About?

I can almost set my clock by that refrain. For the last few weeks H ends the day by saying, "You know what I'm excited about (insert source of future excitement here.)" and it's usually while I'm brushing my teeth or pulling back the covers. It can range from having Dash Two finally be here in our home to what the man is going to have for dinner the next day or even "relations" with the wife sans baby bump.

Well you know what I'm excited about?

1. Guzzling SBUX lattes with wild abandon. Have to start using all those gift cards people keep giving me for more than just apple bran muffins and lemon pound cake. Mm... lemon pound cake.

2. Being able to tie my own shoes, put on socks or even underwear and pants without almost falling over or needing assistance. TD should not be used for balance while I put on my ever tightening maternity jeans.

3. Kickin' "Frank" the body pillow to the curb. It's like having a third person in the bed and I've developed a love/hate relationship with that now ratty thing.

4. Brie. B-R-I-E smothered and covering me. Or maybe just a chunk the size of a ham hock and I can devour it all in one sitting without death rays from other people. My mouth is watering already just thinking triple creme.

5. Vodka. Chilled. Straight from the bottle whatever. In a lemon drop or other assorted ways. Just gimme the freakin' vodka, I won't quibble. Ooh and maybe a beer or five. Let's throw in some wine for good measure and sangria too because I don't care if its summer or not I need to make up for lost time.

6. Wearing pants. All day. Come 7 p.m. each night I suddenly get the "Jimmy legs" and I can't wear pants anymore without twitching and contorting.

And in only four more days, give or take a 24 hour period, I can have all these things! Huzzah! An induction date and time has been given. That being said, next Monday you will find two bloggers residing in this space.

Stephanie will guest post on Monday- she blogs at Where in the World and has some great stories to tell about being newly transplanted in Burundi.

Sarah of the Goon Squad will be here Tuesday gracing us all with her wit.

I'm still looking for other guest posts too so if you want to write in this space some time next week shoot me an email.

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  1. Can I just say me too?? :-)

    I think I'm done with the morning sickness crap, but my obsession with coffee hasn't returned. Maybe that's a good thing for now.

    I just ranted about underwear today. Don't get me going again.

    I had a Snoogle pillow last time and LOVED that thing. Now, with us and a toddler in the bed, there is no room for a body pillow. I'm thinking of sleeping in Aiden's bed so I can have my pillow again.


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