Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fashion Forward? No, Thanks.

Bwwwaaahahaahaa! And you thought that the days of floral leggings that make your legs look like they may have some new form of VD were long gone. Surprise!

Look at these beauties! Yup. They're baaaack!

All for the bargain price of $80 too. I think I owned a pair of these in the 80s or early 90s. I've blocked it out. They flatter no one and Contempo Casuals went out of business long ago. Oh, but wait! There's more... you can own some spiffy white ones with cooking utensils plastered on them as well. Because who doesn't want to own printed leggings with whisks on their ass.

In other news, Graco has launched a podcast featuring me. It's all a bit embarrassing listening to me ramble about preparing for a second baby but if you are clamoring to hear my voice- go for it.

If you are in the mood for a new blog, have ever waited tables or just like a bit of funny- check out this one. It's become a regular read for me as of late.


  1. Those are UGLY!! U-G-L-Y They ain't got no alibi...

    But there's a girl at my gym who would be all OVER that. She was wearing leggings today--after her workout with her street clothes. Also, she has a mullet. And wears mardi gras beads as necklaces. On a regular basis.

  2. Oh My Lord I was all about some Contempo Casuals. I forgot about that place!!!!!!

  3. I think Target was carrying some of these beauties too. FUGLY! I can't believe these printed beauties were ever in style. I know I had a pair of plaid ones back in the day.

  4. OMG I think I owned a pair of the floral ones but they had the strap that went under your feet kind.

    Oh boy now I know exactly what I want for Christmas! Every chef needs a whisk on their butt! Blah ha ha!


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