Monday, November 10, 2008

WTF Monday

In order to save you from further posts about my sleepless nights, annoyance at no induction date and pregnancy quirks I leave you with this-

A 90-year-old woman, who seemed completely with it, is found to be living with the bodies of her siblings- possibly since the 1980s. Seriously. WTF?!

My world is altered forever now. Gary Busey is considered "must watch" television. It goes beyond all sorts of crazy. My brain throws up on itself and then explodes each time I think of it much less view this show. I am willing to admit however that his "Buseyism" for the word sober is pretty brilliant.

TD is way into the music on the pack 'n play we have set up in our living room now. I find myself continuously serenaded by staticky classical tunes that never seem to end. Tiny Gary Busey's dance in my head.

*I'm giving away a Cupcake Courier this week over at my review blog. Check it out and the details here.

*I'm throwing this out there- anyone want to guest post for me while I'm "indisposed"? I should have a date today. JOY! Though I'm not holding my breath. OK, I am. Just email me and we can figure something out. I would love to have a new perspective on this here blog.


  1. I am completely disturbed by more than one of these things.

    Of course I'll guest post.

  2. ps - why do you have both word verification and blog approval of comments?


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