Friday, November 14, 2008

What's for Dinner?

I just devoured a plate of mozzarella cheese sticks. Sshh... TD has no idea. In the oven is a batch of mac n' cheese that will be our lunch. Yeah, it's organic and all but still. It's carbs and butter and more carbs. All cheesy goodness. If I decide to throw in a side of veggies its just to ease some guilt in the child rearing department.

I look at this meal and I think, "So why on earth do people think my house is so hard to cook for?" The subject came up at last nights GNO because on our street we cook for anyone who has had surgery, a hard time or a new baby. It's about a weeks worth of food and everyone is assigned a night to bring it by and ease the burden of thinking, "Crap! I'm covered in breast milk and up to my ears in diapers and now I have to think about what's for dinner?!" It's quite a perk and one luxury I didn't have with TD as we didn't know the 'hood yet. Apparently though our house is a conundrum.

We don't eat casseroles.

We eat vegetarian one night a week at least.

We eat frozen chicken nuggets that are made of vegetable protein and not real chicken. Ssh... TD is clueless.

We .... we... we what?! We like vegetables? We eat whole wheat bread and pasta versus the other stuff? I don't get it. It's not like we shun that other stuff we just don't buy it and prefer the other choices. It doesn't mean you have to go all bulger wheat on our butts and make things all complicated. Seriously. If someone comes by my house with refined white pasta lasagna I'm going to devour it. I will happily take it and love it. It's free. I didn't have to make it. I'm in love with you for thinking of me. Enough said.

I do draw the line at casseroles though. Or anything with a cracker or chip crust. I just didn't grow up with that food and I don't like it to this day. You cook something with tuna in it and well you might be sad to see it on the curb on trash day. However, that's why we ask the all the family's ahead of time about likes and dislikes or allergies.

Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive pregnant lady but I had no idea my household ate so differently than anyone else. Then again, when H brings a salad to work for lunch with cut up veggies on the side for a snack he's told he eats rabbit food. Go figure. I thought the sheer fact that I have chips and Nesquik in my pantry shows I'm not the Skinny Bitch everyone thinks I am.

What's in your pantry? Is Quinoa a major meal or do you have only tater tots and Hot Pockets to sustain you? Or are you like us, the happy medium? Confess your pantry sins here in the comment section. You know you want to.

I have five different types of hot chocolate at least lurking in mine right now.


  1. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Does Chicken pot pie count as a dreaded casserole?

  2. I've eaten more veggies in seven months living with Erika than in the previous decade combined. And even though I like some of the fake meat alternatives she throws in, I have to say, it ain't the same.

  3. Erika feeds me lots of veggies and veggie substitute "meats." She says, "I'm saving your life." Maybe she is. (tear)

  4. We're definitely in the middle, with you guys. Although I am a self-confessed casserole addict. I think I have three on the menu this week. But I am a Southern gal, after all.

    We mostly eat healthy...we rarely have real snacky junk food in the house. We very rarely (unless overtaken with morning sickness) resort to convenience foods. But it doesn't mean we WON'T eat them if they're given to us, like you say.

    But everyone thinks we're strange too because Aiden will throw down a french fry if you offer him broccoli instead :-)

  5. Anonymous12:32 PM

    I was eating quinoa as I read this. I'm not kidding.

  6. Does homemade mac-n-cheese count as a casserole?


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