Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Things You Might Not Know

I've been a delinquent blogger as of late.

My mother is in town to help out a bit and also to 'Surprise!' me with a shower courtesy of my MIL and SIL too. I confess, I already knew about it. It was at my house after all. Can I just say, a fantastic job was done all around at this fete this past Saturday? From the tiniest details of caramel apple favors, the fall colors, little pumpkins, a fantastic two-tiered beyond delish cake and all the food and my friends- it was just everything I could have hoped for. It's just been a bit busy and my house is over run with baby stuff again. Let the organizing and further nesting begin!

That being said, it's the latest edition (or first, baby brain prohibits me from actually remembering) of "Things You Might Not Know About Me" -

1. One of my favorite songs is 'Slow Ride' by Foghat. Alright, Alright....I know. I can't believe it either but each time I hear it or obsessively play it on the pod I become the biggest dork. It fits almost nothing else in my personality. As if I ever take it easy.

2. I have size 10 feet. It's the only thing I have in common with Paris Hilton besides our dyed hair. Do you even know what a bitch it is to walk up stairs in size 10 heels? You have to walk sideways half the time.

3. I've never eaten a chili dog. I've had maybe one corn dog in my lifetime. Nothing against the lowly hot dog but the idea of putting anything else on it besides ketchup, mustard and a toasted bun is abhorrent.

4. When I'm angry I like to watch Apocalypse Now and recite the lines along with the movie. "Saigon... shit. I'm still only in Saigon." You get the idea. Somehow bodies hanging from trees, crazy men in caves shaving their head and napalm calms me down.

5. I wanted to start my own fight club. I possibly have violent tendencies.

6. The colors fuchsia and teal should never be combined in my presence unless you want me to start having horrific 80s flashbacks. Triple-layered slouch socks anyone? How about a teal track suit or stir-up pants with a sweatshirt painted with puffy paint.

7. I have never seen any of the Nightmare on Elm St., Friday the 13th or Halloween movies. They scare me.

8. Casserole is a dirty word. Don't make it for me, surprise me with it or anything. I don't care how good you think it is - it's casserole. A.K.A. crap you wouldn't serve alone but combined and looking like dog vomit it's OK as a meal. No, it's really not. Just stop with the casserole.

9. I lived in Texas for 3 weeks. Banal, but true.

10. I am an only child. I talk to myself a lot. It drives H batty but I can't stop doing it. If left alone long enough I probably sound just like TD or your kid when he or she is playing alone.


  1. I'll commiserate on the size 10 shoe thing with you. Not only am I a 10, I'm a 10 narrow! Do you know how hard it is to find narrow shoes; much less in a 10? And I'm only 5'4, geesh.

    Ditto on the casserole loathing. I'll occasionally make them, but am conveniently not hungry those nights.

  2. I also wear a size 10 shoe and YES walking up (or down) stair in heels is a total bitch.

  3. Sounds like a great shower!!! The Fall stuff sounds really cute.

    I'm not big on chili dogs, but I do enjoy a corn dog from time to time. I loved Wienerschnitzel back in SoCal. :-)

    I've also never seen any of those 80s horror movies. The faces alone on the covers make me want to run in fear.

    But casserole....now, friend, I could eat casserole every single night for the rest of my life. I LOVE casseroles. You must have had some bland boring casseroles to feel that strongly against them!!!

  4. The shower was great fun and your mom, MIL and SIL did a great job. Please tell your SIL that the caramel apples were great despite the melting caramel.

    I too have never had a chili dog. I love me some hot dogs and even corn dogs but never a chili dog. Der Wienerschnitzel, omg - how I miss you!

    Those horror movies were really cheezy. I had to watch all the Freddie movies in middle school becasue my girlfriend Christy was addicted to them. I now laugh at how cheezy they are.

  5. Yay for a pseudo-surprise shower!

    I have size 10 feet also and will agree with you on walking up and down stairs.

    I'll also totally agree with you about casseroles. The same goes for many crock pot meals, too.

    And it's nice to see that I'm not the only one who talks to herself. I'm an only child, too. Sometimes I prefer talking to myself over others when I'm trying to work out a problem.


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