Friday, October 03, 2008

Fluid Check

I'm off today to see a doctor I've never met and it will be at the hospital. The whole thing has me a short-tempered, bundle of nerves. I don't like hospitals and I don't like new doctors. I'm scared that I'll forget my questions or I'll find out something that is too dire to consider.

Last time I went to the hospital for a sonogram it was with TD when I got put on bed rest. They explained nothing, said nothing and would not even let me look at the screen. It was late at night and they didn't even turn the lights on in the room. Just the eerie glow of the monitor and one sour looking tech. It was not an experience I want to relive even in the daylight hours. All that nervous tension and waiting for results.

Maybe this time it will be different. Maybe the lack of caffeine in my system will be enough to calm me down. Maybe I won't freak out and yell at people to get out of my f'ing way while I drive up 95 this morning.

I'm praying for lots of fluid surrounding this baby and for good health. I'm praying to not be such a pessimist. Yeah, I know. Totally goes against my nature.


Sono Tech: Who did your last sonogram (dripping with notes of condecension)? Where on earth did you go? (I could sense a line like, "the five and dime? Sonograms 4 U?" being left unsaid.)

Me: Um... (mumbled name of sonogram place that is entirely reputable and not in a mall or in kiosk form anywhere.)

Sono Tech: Well, you are completely fine. You have more than enough fluid. This was totally unnecessary. I'm going to check the placenta though and the baby's measurements.

Me: Great! (HUGE rush of relief floods over me as I realize guzzling fluids for weeks has not all been for naught.)

Sono Tech: Holy! WHOA! THAT is a fat baby! OH! I'm sorry... chunky. She's chunky. Her stomach is HUGE! She's measuring 3 weeks ahead.

Me: What?! She's gained 2 lbs in 2 weeks? Is that even normal? It's ok right?

Sono Tech: NO! What are you eating? Ice cream all day? Whole Milk? This kid is going to be over nine pounds by 38 weeks!

Me: Ah, no. Just um 1% milk. I hate ice cream right now. (Except for that Chick-Fil-A milkshake I consumed in under 5 minutes last week. And the whole batch of Ritter Sports, cadbury econo-size bars and cinnamon buns that screamed at me from the Wegman's shelf. Oops.) So she's big, huh? Heh, heh... crap.

In the end this kid is weighing in at 5.5 lbs right now at 33 weeks. If that's accurate. I'm freakin' out a bit over having a ginormous baby but I'm just relieved that it's all going well minus the fact that while this kid is certainly not hurtin' for food right now my placenta is already going. So I'm going back in a few weeks and we'll take it from there. Hello, 38 week delivery!


  1. Praying for you.....I know how scary it is to meet a new doctor so far into the pregnancy. I met the OB who did my C-section just two days before surgery!! Let us know how things went as soon as you're up to it.

  2. Just saw the update....I'm so happy for you! That's great that everything is back to normal now. And dont worry about a big son was over 9 pounds (at 38 weeks). Big babies are so cute!!!!

  3. Mary Reddinger2:09 PM

    We have been told we will be having a ginormous baby as well. Each ultrasound he has increasing measured ahead of schedule. He was 10days ahead at 20weeks. They mentioned the possibility of a 10 lb baby since the first one, a girl, was almost 9lbs. Hello, c-section and early delivery!
    We wish you the best of luck and will be thinking of you.

  4. Glad to hear everything is OK! Whew- waiting for results like that is never a good experience. And fear not with the baby's size- I was consistently measuring 3-5 weeks ahead for some reason with my son and he was 7 pounds at birth. I don't think they've got that estimation thing down to a science yet...

  5. I had the placenta previa scare, low fluid scare and poor fetal growth scare when I was pregnant with eve. everything turned out fine--she is "petite" & still is..i have to say, that made for an easier delivery (she weighed only 6 lbs).....


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