Thursday, October 02, 2008

Things that Make Me Cranky

I had that wrung out look about me yesterday. I just couldn't seem to get or hold my shit together for the life of me. Sure, I made it out the door and did the good mom thing by taking TD to a new and exciting playground but once we were there I got a case of the crankies. Or just maintained them it can be hard to tell with my roller coaster hormones these days.

Things that Make Me Cranky-

1. Heavy playground talk. Yes, I love politics and discussing them. Sometimes my head explodes listening to various opinions too. I draw the line though at discussing weighty world issues while pushing my kid on the swings. I don't want to think about the Taliban, child-rape cases, incest, warring countries, the suck-ass economic predicament our country is in or abortion. That's way too heavy dude and I'm just not down with it while my kid eats a cheese stick on the park bench next to me.

2. Those freakin' huge grocery car carts! Augh. Great idea in theory but maneuvering those things are a bitch. I knocked over at least one display of Russell Stover candy boxes yesterday and then a stack of natural deodorant while trying to buy just one box of trash bags and a toothbrush. When I tripped over a cardboard display sign that had fallen (probably because I knocked it down with my giant ass car cart) I was livid. It was time to leave the store. The fact that the automatic doors did not want to open for us and our giant boat of a cart just made my day complete.

3. TMI at the grocery store. Yes, I know, I'm pregnant and very far along. That does not mean I want to hear your REALLY SICK birth story. My life would have been just fine if I never knew that your wife's water hadn't broken yet when she decided to push and it sprayed the wall across from her when she did begin pushing. Cue Giant Splat sound. Or how it just narrowly missed spraying you in the face, which would have made you blow chunks. Thanks for that visual man, I so needed it to go with my everything pizza I was planning on having for lunch.

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