Friday, October 17, 2008

Our Deep, Dark and Dank Secret

Enter the unfinished part of our basement and you will find a colossal mess. It's a maze of soon to be used baby gear, tools, random household objects and where many things go to die. It's also the place you can typically find my husband if you cannot find him anywhere else in the house. When all attempts to call him go unheard all you have to do is descend the steps, open the partly broken door and there he is in all his hidden attempt at a man-cave glory.

Typically, there is only the eerie glow of the computer screen and the blinking lights of the router to light the way. All else is encased in darkness. Here you will find H pouring through his emails, downloading such classic tunes as Vanilla Ice's 'Ice, Ice, Baby' from iTunes and reading page after page of Fantasy Sports (baseball and football) websites. Facebook addiction is also included. Notice the giant trash can? It's the "to-be-shredded" pile. We is organized, no?

A common sight near the keyboard after a long day at another keyboard. The bottle cap to a consumed bottle of beer. How I envy that bastard! Blue Moon Pale Ale...I miss you....

I often wonder if it is the close proximity to his tools that makes H feel all warm and comfy down there in the dank basement as he toils at his fantasy football league and yammers away on his cell phone talking smack to his friends. The phrase, "Dude, he is so your boy!" can often be heard coming from here.

This area of the house is my secret shame. Until I had a laptop I had to work down there. It was a bloody nightmare. My stuff was constantly "re-organized" and sent to live in some lost world half the time. I seldom venture into this area unless I really have to and even then I make it as short a visit as possible. H, however, can spend countless hours dwelling in what I can only describe as his sad, little man cave.

This blog blast has been brought to you by Bill Me Later (enter to win the I Want My Man Cave contest here!) and PBN.


  1. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Don't feel bad. My hisbands (it's still wierd to call him that) so called office is in a corner in my kitchen/dining room. And it's just as big a mess as that is. I'd post a picture somewhere for you to see, but I'm not that brave.

  2. When we were in NM he had a man cave and I had my very own woman cave (that doesn't sound right). I loved it that way.

    Now I have to endure the man cave again. I've been granted a 2 square foot portion to call my own.

    Drop me an email sometime!

  3. My husband's cave is a corner of our basement too, the previous owner had put a workbench in there. Which meant that HE used it as a man cave too, back in the 70s. The tradition continues... lol

  4. My husband's man cave is also our dogs' (two of 'em) is quite scary and is home to the horribly embarrassing disgusting red couch that I would light to set fire to! ;)


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