Monday, October 20, 2008

I've Turned Into a Toddler

Well, this is handy! I realized the other day that at nine months pregnant I've regressed enough to being on the same level as TD. I'm suddenly 2 and have more in common with my kid than our brown eyes.

1. We both have "issues" putting our pants on every day. Socks are a total bitch and forget tying our shoes. We just can't handle it. It might bring on a meltdown from sheer frustration too.

2. While we like to think we are adequately potty-trained our bladders sometimes have other ideas.

3. We require many snacks and afternoon naps. If we don't get them a meltdown of epic proportions might happen. Again from sheer frustration.

4. We get excited about the prospect of candy. Doesn't matter what kind.

5. When over-tired we are prone to tears. In a toddler it's understandable. In me? Down right pathetic.

Hi, my name is Vicky. I'm 35 weeks pregnant and while I may look like a functioning adult I'm much more like a cranky toddler in need of a nap and snack these days. That idea alone makes me want to throw myself down on the floor tantrum-style and cry. Except, oh wait, I can't lay down on my stomach.

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  1. Oh too funny. That is so true!


  2. The sad part about this is that about half of this applies to me and I'm not even pregnant. Though some stems from having been pregnant before. But I can totally lay on my stomach, not that I'm rubbing that in or anything.

  3. Hi Victoria, I love your blog! Best wishes for the soon-to-come end of your pregnancy! I remember how hard it is to get enough rest at this stage -- oy so uncomfortable!

  4. Oh, so true haha! The end is near!

    I'd also like to enter in the SB contest - Starbucks It's Whats for Breakfast!


  5. Awwww.... Pregnancy and toddlerhood ARE similar. Thanks for the smile.


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