Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Damn, It Feels Good to be a Gangster

So there I am tooling around town testing out Chevy's latest mom-mobile, the Traverse, and it hits me. This car? It's nice, yes. But I'm totally addicted to the XM Radio.

The heated or cooled seats? Sure, those are peachy as are the two DVD players with wireless headphones, the chrome finish, two sunroofs and other gadgets I don't have in my car.

Yet, it's the XM radio that I can't pull myself away from. Particularly the Groove and Rhyme stations. And really how ridiculous is it to see a heavily pregnant blond woman driving some teal grocery-getter while getting way too excited about hearing songs like Ice Cube's 'Down for Whatever' while she pulls into the World Market parking lot.

Then I look over and realize I'm next to a car full of nuns from Tennessee and I instantly wonder, "What do nuns listen to on the radio, anyway?" Maybe, something from the Groove station? Like this?

Again, way too much excitement when I heard that song too. That reminds me, I need to add both of these to my 'birth' playlist for whenever this kid decides to arrive.

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