Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Guilty As Charged

Allow me to climb atop my soap box for a minute.

Whew! That soap box is feeling mighty high these days... or maybe it's just my less than limber pregnant self where pants are an obstacle course just to put on these days.

A fellow blogger sent this out and I couldn't help myself. Just watch. Reflect. Know that we are all guilty as charged too.

I remember vowing to have a better body image after the birth of TD and failing miserably the first year as I dealt with a post-baby body. Then I took a much needed R&R trip out west and found that two of my dear friends are just as bad as me and haven't even had kids. It gave me a lot to think about and I vowed again with a new ferocity to just focus on being healthy and happy with what God gave me.

My body, while not 19 anymore or even 24, is healthy and strong. It will only get stronger after I pop out Dash Two and resume my love for the gym and running. Oh, running, how I miss you... especially this time of year. You make me feel so powerful, clean and strong. Able to tackle anything and wanting to fill my body with only good-for-you foods. When I know I'm being good to my body and letting it be all it can be I am at my best and I don't worry about how I look because I know I'm looking my best.

I don't compare myself to magazines because, pfftt... we all know the wonders of photoshop and airbrushing. We KNOW that celebrities have way more help to look that good than we do and if we just stop and think we KNOW in our hearts that there are tricks of the trade they are employing when they step outside their front doors- yes, girdles, I'm talking about SPANX and more, ladies.

So I'm vowing again to be better about this whole body image issue. I'm healthy. I'm doing the best I can and I have the power to become stronger and healthier even. I won't degrade myself or my thighs anymore. I'll only encourage myself and you should too. I owe it to TD, Dash Two and to myself most of all. Let's stop beating ourselves up over this and just be healthy in mind and body!

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  1. Thank you for this reminder, Vicky. I know I need it, as I'm sure most (if not all) of your readers do. I realize how much of an epidemic "fat talk" and poor body image is when I hear the teen girls in our youth group making similar comments. It breaks my heart, because I want them to see themselves like I do...and yet, I am guilty of being the same way. Anyway, thank you for a really refreshing and challenging post!


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