Friday, July 11, 2008

Come on in! The waters great!

So, um... we all know that kids who are potty training can fall in the toilet right?

And I pretty much thought that H was trained to leave the seat down and all...

Then I got home, from a rather late girls night excursion and do I need to say anymore?

My "electric white ass" as H calls it, fell right in. If the bathroom counter did not exist in such close approximation to the toilet I'm not sure I would have ever found my way out.

Head over to MPR today. I'm featuring Flaky Friends by Sarah from Hollywood Flakes. If anything you need to see the stuffed rabbit with the hook for a hand. She's offering 20% off for all TMC and MPR readers and an additional $5 off until the end of the July. Hurry! They go fast!

Keep those contest entries coming in for the Thirty Day Challenge- you have until Sunday! I've done an update on my progress here.

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