Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Force is Strong in This One

Yes, I just quoted Darth Vader. Shut it. I happened to want to be Darth Vader as a kid. Princess Leia held no sway with me.

Ever since we got back from our vacation I've noticed something. I'm in full-on nesting mode and it's months early. I don't even remember having any of this with T.D. Sure, I was organized but to this capacity? No way.

First, I felt the house needed to be cleaned. I vacuumed, dusted and scrubbed. Mirrors were cleaned. Bathrooms were shined up and floors were mopped. I febreezed every fabric in sight. I did laundry and organized the hall closet. I should have felt content.

But, on no... not this woman. Hauling around the extra weight I've gained I felt compelled to go through and organize all of T.D.'s toys and her closet and draws. ALL OF THEM in the WHOLE house. In ONE day. As if I weren't crazy enough I further propelled by burgeoning belly into the crawl space/storage area of our house. Crawling through its Alice in Wonderland door into its unair-conditioned space I hauled out every bag of baby clothes I could find.

All five of them. And I was miffed there were not more. Apparently, those newborn clothes are all at Nana's waiting for the sorting fairy to go through them. Next up, is either paint some furniture for T.D.'s room or organize the old baby gear and figure out what exactly we have. Or, and just thinking about it makes me almost dizzy with nesting excitement, I could tackle all the old baby toys and go through them.

Yup, I'm a little insane. I figure if I can't buy anything for this kid I may as well get what we have all spiffed up and feel productive.

The force is indeed strong in this one.

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  1. You wanna come to my house? I have lots of things you can organize and throw away. I need some motivation!


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