Thursday, June 19, 2008

These are the Days of Our Lives

I have been trying to formulate in my head how to begin this post and nothing comes to me. I wrote about it here at DC Metro Moms first and it felt like a great release. It's scary times people and who knows what will come next.

Then, today as I was looking for blog fodder. Anything to post beyond what is actually going on in our little world, I took a trip to Christina's blog and read this post. Well, if that doesn't just beat all. My roomie for BlogHer is going through the same thing! Only their news hit their little world one day sooner than ours. This country is a mess right now is it not? Is this our generations version of the Depression? I'm beginning to think so. Everyone I know is affected from a waiter and actress in L.A. to friends and family in New England.

Bear with me in the next few days, weeks and months as I try to make light of our situation and find the humor in it all. Because, hey! it is hilarious to not have insurance when you are pregnant right? It is super fun to be frugal I'm told and while we've been living that way for a while I think it might be a bit different now. I'll try not to be too morose.

Maybe I'll just talk about my new and yes, late obsession with The Wire and bombard you with tales of the 'hooker' on my block. Who really I think is not a hooker at all but just a girl renting a room with a red streak in her hair and heaven help her for not looking like the rest of us. Either that or you'll just have to listen to me wax poetic about making casseroles from a potato, magic shell and six Frito chips.

On the lighter side: MPR is holding a giveaway until Sunday, June 22. Just add a comment and you are entered to win a Soapier set of Lush body wash and body lotion!


  1. I know you're not touchy feely, but for the lack of crafting comforting words, *hugs* I know it's expensive, but can you pick up COBRA after that one month?

  2. I found out about you and Christina on the same day. Then I got nervous. I hope our room isn't cursed.

  3. Damn, I'm sorry to hear you're in the same situation. Well, kinda worse, since you need health care (insurance) to get that baby out of you.

    We'll have to split who gets to steal the hotel soaps each day, eh?

    Hope H is able to find a newer, better job soon. If you ever want to vent about the sucky economy, my AOL IM is amommystory.


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