Friday, June 20, 2008

A Bit of a Bikini Rant

After I had my suspicious mole last summer I was told by some that the bikini would be no more. At least for me. I balked at this. When the comment was quickly followed by the classic, "Besides you are a Mom now. You don't want to be one of those Moms who you see at the pool wearing a bikini...."

Excuse me what?! I wanted to breathe fire.

While I may not have the body I did when I was 24, I have spent a fare share of my time at the gym toning and cardioing my butt off well into my 30's and not just because I want to look swimsuit ready but because I like how I feel after a good episode of sweating. I refuse to go up a size with each child. Yes, I had a child and my body changed but I'm still a size six! I'm proud of that fact. Quite frankly I don't feel comfortable in a one piece. I'm long in the torso and I suspect that walking around the pool with a case of massive camel toe would be a bit worse than if I wore a two-piece and my thighs don't look like that of a 12 year-old girl or baby giraffe.

Besides, has anyone seen some of the teens at the pool lately? I hate to say it, but um... they could do with a dose of gym time and the total overhaul and tearing down of a body that pregnancy can do. Some of them need some tough gym love. I don't feel quite so bad about myself when I see that my stomach is far flatter after one kid than some of the teenage girls at the pool or even the lifeguards. So why can't I rock that bikini I ask?

Another thing while I'm at it, because for some reason I don't see this so much in my neck of the woods. I'm sort of small but curvy girl. I'm 4.5 months pregnant but my stomach is like a cantaloupe right now. I tried on that giant tent of a maternity swim suit. I bought it with good intentions. You know the kind that is supposed to mimic a tankini? No, I don't even wear that no matter how many times I'm told I could by other Moms. I loathe that wet suit feel on my stomach and I have abs - I'm showing them off dammit! That suit made me feel like a giant crow. I was covered and looked about 40 pounds heavier. I dug out my two-piece and felt much more comfortable. Yes, I was glaringly white and might have blinded a pool patron or two that first outing, but I was happy to note that for the first time I was asked when I was due by even the clueless male lifeguards. I was told by some of the rather nice Moms out there that I looked terrific and amazing too.

Now if that doesn't help a pregnant woman out what does?

And that's my rant in favor of the bikini.

Here I am in Jamaica seven months after having T.D. It's not a full body shot but it is the best I could do. Now really? Granted I'm much 'rounder' now but I still stand by my right to wear a bikini.

This post was written for Parent Bloggers Network as part of a sweepstakes sponsored by BOCA and their new Balanced Living group. It is all about eating better and living better, bikini lover or not.


  1. You are hot, that's all I gotta say. You are in that pic, you were 6 mos. ago, and you are now 4.5 mos preggers. Go on and rock that bikini! ;)

  2. Anonymous10:54 AM

    With all that gym time and a rockin bod to show for it, you earned the right to be "one of those moms" (seriously folks, what year is it, 1952??).

  3. I say- Rock that Bikini! I'm going to do it this summer too. Stretch marks and all! Those kids have nothing up on me.

  4. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Proudly strut that bikini! And don't let anyone tell you, you can't or shouldn't for any reason.

  5. Way to go! I also refused to wear a maternity swim suit until I absolutely had to. I was flaunting the belly in my old bikini until the last 2 months of my pregnancy or so, when I couldn't properly groom my nether regions anymore. Only THEN did I wear the mumu. Now, although my belly is softer than before, I am back to the bikini. Nursing sure does make for some great cleavage, too!

  6. You look amazing! I am a bikini girl too - takes the focus off my thighs!

  7. That's awesome! You look fantastic. I'm 24 and wearing a bikini should have NOTHING to do with age/kids/whatever...I wouldn't wear one right now, but if I looked like you, I totally would!


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