Friday, June 13, 2008

Random Question # 172-'Burb Life Edition

You know you live in Suburbia when you hear the following sentences uttered...

Have you been to the new Wegman's yet? It's amazing! You must go! (This is akin to having a new Trader Joe's/Whole Foods/World Market opening in your 'hood. The giveaways, the samples, it is enough to make a person faint over dead in free basting oil.)

I LOVE tea parties! Let's have a tea party!!! (This is not said by anyone in the age 3-6 set who has a tiny Disney princess tea set. No, it is said by a grown woman.)

I think we have a hook, er, working girl living on our street... (seriously. We might.)

Did anyone have someone knock on their door at almost 9 p.m. the other night? Me too!!! Who does that? (It was then blamed on a John who must have been in the 'burb to see the hooker.)

The inevitable talk of paving stones, community pools, parking violations and patio umbrellas will shortly ensue.

What sentences scream 'burb life to you? What do you hear in your neighborhood? And uh, does anyone else have a lady of the night working their block or is it just us? And to think, our street looks and acts like Pleasantville.

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  1. "We should take the kiddie playground from the backyard of the foreclosed house at the end of the street! Oh, and did anyone get a peak at their deck furniture? I could use some of that..."

  2. Comments featured in my neighborhood "Did you hear those three loud pops last night at 3am, I'm sure it was gun fire"?; "Did you see the cop car at their house again? All I know is he was arrested for something!"; "Oh yea I smelled it too, right by the mailboxes (speaking of the strong odor of maryjane)." "OMG those can't be all her kids, she's looks like she is still in high school."; "Yea well she never really talks to anyone." and other such gossip.

  3. I hope you watch "Mad Men" on AMC (season 2 debuts this summer). Excellent sendup of suburbia.

  4. speaking of 'burb' talk: Some a-hole stole our garbage container from the front of our house last thursday. they waited until it had been emptied and then pounced. Just ours. No one else's.

  5. Hard to say, I've always lived in suburbia.

    Let's go with "I'll see you at the pool right after soccer practice."

  6. I love our "Burb Life". It sounds like I am guilty of using similar lingo. Coming from the city it is a different world. No hookers on our block that I am aware of, but I have heard there are "Swingers"?


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