Monday, June 16, 2008

Unexpected Surprises

This weekend was full of unexpected surprises.

From pee on the floor not once, not twice and no, not even thrice times! Ah, potty training in all its glory....

To family dropping (if you all had a blog, I would plug you!) by for a casual dinner and watching our girls play.

To Graco extending an offer I could not refuse. Details to come later.... is the suspense killing you? It is for me.

To Father's Day spent scouting out the sights at Mt. Vernon. Educational fun with sullen teens serving ice cream! Kick ass! Actually it kind of was. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the father of our countries home- finally. I mean, I've lived 15 minutes from it for almost five years and never gone. Eesh! And to everyone that was there? I wasn't really going to push that old broad off the cliff to get a better shot of the Potomac. Really, I wasn't.

And lastly, the unexpected sonogram that kicked the whole weekend off. That last part was courtesy of a friend and neighbor. Turns out Care Net got some new equipment and whoa's them for not having any appointments that night so it was up to me to test out the new machines!

Dash Two? Let's just say we know who you are.

However, we are waiting until Wednesday to make it official. That's when I have my scheduled songoram with 4D! and my doctors. While T.D. and I did get a nice little preview of this new addition to the family (Sticking the tongue out at us and all, which leaves me already fearing another dictator.) H did not. He'll join me on this appointment and hopefully we will get the Full Monty.

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