Monday, June 30, 2008

Let's Talk Graco, Shall We?

While I think that Joeprah said it best and the most comprehensive and Kelcey and Sheila were very funny with their portrayals and photos, which I am ashamed to say, I have did not take. Many of you have asked- "Just what the sam hill were you doing over there in Hotlanta with Graco?!"

Well, aside from being treated like a rock star or royalty, seriously this lowly blogger had no idea it would be that good, Graco and LBi could not have been more helpful, generous or easy-going while we did the whole Car Seat Campaign shebang. After a day of pampering and good eatin' we arrived on the set early on Wednesday morning. First things first, I got a bit of hair and make up done as well as a wardrobe change. I quickly found that while I don't know jack about installing my own car seat Graco was more than happy to teach me the in's and outs of their TurboBooster seat and its installation.

I can now install that sucker like a Price's Right model. Though really? I suck at latching. I had a lot of re-takes.

Next up, I did my voice-over so next time you log on to the Graco site and want to know how to install that booster seat you can not only see me clicking and locking it into place all easy-peasy like you can also hear me explaining it all to you and only you. How fun is that? It was loads of fun actually.

Finally, at the end of the day I did my interview. You know, the part where I discuss how our family gets on the road and travels to grandma's house. I waxed poetic about motherhood and how it has not made me all nurturing and such. Told funny stories (to H & I) about things T.D. has done in the car and then as quickly as I arrived in Hotlanta it was over. Poof! I was loaded in to a town car and Kelcey and I were headed back up North. In full make-up.

HD-TV style make-up. My on-screen gorgeous clearly did not translate well as I got quite a few startled looks from passengers on the plane and in the airport. I looked like Tammy Faye by the time I landed in DC. Complete with the mascara smudges and all.

The whole trip was tiring but a blast. I feel so honored to be a part of it and would LOVE to do it again. You hear that baby gear companies, car companies, whatever and where ever you are? I Would LOVE to DO IT AGAIN.

Since it's vacation time for this family I'll be back again soon. I'll post pics of my dangerous vacationing eating habits and make you wish you too had a clamcake to munch on. Until then, click on my ads- it's my only source of income right now. You think I'm kidding...


  1. Yes, an absolutely perfect time! Your make-up looked fab. I'm sure passengers were just startled at the super model pregnant mama.

  2. Hey Companies! Did you hear her? Call her- she was a rockstar. She'll sell your nail files, toilet paper, shoe polish, whatever, like a real professional. Get her while she's hot. (I'm pretty sure she'll still be hot post-baby too)

    Thanks Vicky- we LOVED having you. Trust me- I want to do it again, too!!

  3. I went to the site but couldn't find your small-screen debut. Do you have a link?

  4. It's not up yet- editing and all that still needs to be done. When it is up I'll link to it.


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