Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ah, Reality!

While Atlanta and all it's pampering was fantastic and Graco could not have treated us better, it is good to be back home.

OK, so maybe the immediate dose of reality as soon as I landed in D.C. was not actually what I was looking for but still... Did I really need to be reminded of H's job search and unemployment frustrations as soon as I got to baggage claim? I'm already well aware of them. It is all I think about. Note to self: Do not call home immediately. Take the route that H does when traveling and just show up at the front door. Much more relaxing.

Also, when I plunked my bags down at the front door and Lex, the dog, shot out outside like a rocket? Yeah, that was a smack of reality right in the face. Especially when the town car driver narrowly missed running her over no less than two times. I had to run out the front door in my giant wedge-heeled shoes nearly breaking my neck on the front steps shouting, "WAIT! NO! STOP!!!", quite a few times before he did actually wait and come to a full stop. Meanwhile, Lex managed to narrowly miss his back tires as she sprinted across the street. Panting, breathless and fearful my maternity pants would end up at my knees I scooped her up and headed back inside thanking the driver for not inflicting a rather large vet bill on us at this particular time. Seriously. We won't have our own insurance soon we can't afford doggie insurance!

The reality of being home was much nicer when T.D., fresh from a bath, ran down the stairs shouting, "MOMMY!" while giggling and jumping up and down with her Nick Nolte hair all, well in place for the full Nick Nolte look.

So while I loved being pampered and treated like a rock star it is nice to be home. I'll fill you all in later with the details of my business with Graco. It was a blast!

I have to go clean up oatmeal off the floor, table, window and tackle the laundry monster. It's been sulking in the corner for a day or so. I think it missed me.

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