Thursday, May 08, 2008


Yup. You heard it too?

That is the sound of me expanding. I've popped. In one day.

From Saturday to Sunday this weekend I seem to now be showing. You would think with all the walking and ab work I did it would have made a difference, but bean number two or Dash Two as I'm referring to this kid until some personality shows, has decided to makes it presence known.

Maternity clothes are in effect and I'm diggin' the rubber band look for my pants. While not quite ready for most maternity shirts my regular fitted ones no longer fit. I'm in a clothing dilemma. This is where I need some kind-hearted designer or maternity clothing company to send me some of those in-between clothes. AHEM!

Also, today is the last day to enter my SanDisk Mother's Day contest. It's 8GB people! Jump on board before it's too late!!!

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  1. I showed pretty early with my first. But with my second, it was freakishly 6 weeks! At 6 weeks I was already bloated and wearing a Bella band. I guess that's what happens when I make big babies...they get started early :-)


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