Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday Roundup!

Howdy Pardner's!

Sorry I just could not resist having the word roundup and not using some lame cowboy terminology. Let's get the admin stuff out of the way shall we?

Winnah! Winnah! Chicken Dinnah! See the winning photos of the SanDisk Cruzor Gator flash drive contest over at MPR here. Check out the fun find, coupons and more while you are over there. You just never know what you'll find!

More on the Avon Walk.

In case you have been in a hole the past few days read this and this. That first one? Did you get it all? Did you make it through? I think you deserve some sort of medal of honor if you did. That second one? Blech, Kathie Lee, just blech. And that's not Maria Bailey, but Jill Asher over there on the Today show segment.

I'm off to find an ace bandage/over the shoulder boulder holder for the rocks that have taken over my chest. Have a shippymcflippyshadippy fanfeckingtastic weekend y'all!

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