Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Like a Tonic

What is it about having your best friend visit that works on you just like a tonic?

Is it the hours and hours of loafing about as you converse on anything from organic food, insane drivers, politics or basically nothing at all?

Is it the concentrated girly time despite my not being able to stay up past 10 pm each night? (Sorry E!)

The sitting over breakfast in our pjs or making dinner together as we jam to bad itunes?

I pick all of the above and more. Before, H surprised me with E's visit this weekend (where I turned into a blubbery mess in front of many people and it is documented on film that I do in fact, have tear ducts that work) I was getting into that zone where you feel a bit dried up. You crave dear, old friend time. New friends are great but there is something to be said for that person who has known you for a lifetime and the bond that is sisterly in strength. To see your best friend meet your child for the first time and watch them hit if off completely makes you love them that much more. I think I even garnered a new appreciation for T.D. seeing her through the eyes of E.

I feel restored and happy. Like a light has been back on despite having just dropped her off at the airport. When T.D. exclaimed, "I want my Rika! I miss Rika" as we pulled away from the departure zone my heart broke a bit and I could only say, "Yup. Me too, kid. Me too."


  1. Friends are the best aren't they? I get my chance next weekend with a handful of them at our scrapbooking retreat!!


  2. I miss my Victwa too! What a great visit. I love how every time we meet up, no matter how long it's been, the conversation seems to start with, "so anyway...." as if we were mid conversation and no time has passed since we last saw each other.


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