Thursday, April 24, 2008

For Mom, for you, for everyone!

I'm teaming up with SanDisk this Mother's Day to offer you one great prize- The Cruzer Gator. This is one sweet flash drive too. The Cruzer Gator is stylish with its mock alligator design and cuts a unique profile in a purse, briefcase or wherever you want to store it. It looks good just sitting on your desk too. It is definitely not your standard corporate flash drive. It's 8GB! So you can upload and store not just documents but a whole slew of photos to share with friends and family for a long time.

So what's the catch?

It's simple really. Just send in your favorite photo of you and your mother (or mother figure) from any time, it doesn't have to be from a Mother's Day past. It can be sweet, touching, wacky or fun. Let us know why you love it too in just a few words. Don't have a photo of you and your mother you want to use? Then send a photo of you and your kids together that you particularly love. The same criteria applies.

There are many chances to win this great Mother's Day prize and I'll be posting up the winning photos on Friday, May 9.

Send all photos to veamason AT gmail DOT com.

Now to get you started is a favorite photo of my own. This is my mother holding a two week old TD for the first time. They kind of look alike don't they?

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