Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Roundup and the Vindicative B

So we have a bit of a situation here. Or we did last night. Our dog is a vindictive little B*tch. Hey, I can call her that. She's a girl! She peed on the bed.

Truthfully, you could see it coming.

H promised her a night of snuggling on the couch while he read and I went to hang with the girls. With TD tucked in for the night I'm sure that Lex was thinking she had H and the couch all wrapped up.

Except she didn't.

H decided to read alone.

The dog? No comprende.

So she pissed on the bed. Right in his spot.

I came home to no mattress pad, new sheets and a pile of pee-soaked blankets on the bedroom floor. Oh and one dog in a crate in the nether regions of the basement.

The laundry machine has been going for quite some time.

I'm over here today blogging about shoes. If you haven't entered the contest below- you should! 8GB flash drive? Holy Schnikes! You have to go for it. I'm giving away 8!!!


  1. Ooo... that's bad. Real bad.

  2. Well I guess she told him now didn't she. I so can see Tope doing that.


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