Monday, April 28, 2008

What's with the Peeing?

Seriously folks. Lately, I could easily say that today is brought to you by the letter, 'P'.

It is not just me. I know that I'm waking up a bazillion times a night now to use the head but there is also the dog incident.

Now this-

4:36 a.m.- Crying. There is loud wailing come from just behind T.D.'s door. Holy hell! I just got back to sleep and into dream world after my last pee break. Why me?! Why isn't H even moving?! I think he is fake sleeping. Curse him!

I throw off the blankets and head across the hall to investigate.

4:39 a.m.- There T.D. stands head hanging low looking upset and a tad ashamed if that is possible at this ungodly hour. I crouch to her level and ask what is wrong. She is soaked. From tummy to ankle in pee. It's cold too. My super sleuthing skills deduce that she must have peed her bed in her sleep. I know, I'm wicked smot. I feel the sheets. Yup, cold and wet. Kick ass.

4:41 a.m.- I immediately comfort/strip T.D. of all wet pajamas while trying hard not really get my hands coated in pee. Realize this is impossible and fling urine soaked pajamas out the bedroom door. Since the weather is all an Inconvenient Truth lately and crazy she is cold and trembling. I press her to me for warmth while I grab clean PJ's and wipes.

4:43 a.m.- I briefly contemplate getting her into the tub to clean her properly and then realize that I'm not that good of a mother. The hours of sleep time are diminishing and a bath will only wake us both up further. I wipe her down with baby wipes and hope that she won't hold this against me later.

4:45 a.m.-
T.D. yells, "I peed!" incredibly loud and then whispers, "Shhh! Daddy sleeping..." Yes, Daddy sleeping. I resist the urge to cry or growl simultaneously. Instead, I head to the bed to strip it. Soaked to the mattress pad. Le Sigh...

4:46 a.m.-
After a quick strip and inspection of all stuffed animals, the pillow, wiping the plastic mattress coating with wipes and the blankets the bed is changed and new. T.D. climbs in and I cover her up. She yells, "Night, night Momma!" and I smile back stroking her hair.

4:48 a.m.- I stumble across the hall, tripping on the pee sheets and collapse into bed. What felt like hours was only mere minutes and my brain is already awake and thinking of the day ahead.

For some reason it is here that I feel most like some ceramic caring mother figure. It is not the hours earlier when we are having dinner and I cut her food into tiny bites so she won't choke. It is in these moments when I see that tiny bit of shame she feels despite that I don't care if her soaked self and I held her against me. I only want her to be warm and safe. This is parenting. This is motherhood more than anything else and I wouldn't trade it. It may seem odd but it is always these moments that do it to me and not the everyday or exciting happy ones.


  1. Anonymous4:10 PM

    funny isn't it?!

  2. So can relate. But here's the clincher: not three days ago, Giant Four Year Old wakes me at 4:32 AM to say, "maaahhhmm, I didn't pee my pants! Hooray!"
    Hooray indeed. But couldn't this have waited like three or four more hours?


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