Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Random Question #112

After quite a lengthy discussion last night on the following topic H asked that I pose this question-

What was your favorite hot lunch when you were in school?

Makes me wonder- Does anyone else's paper still print the weekly school lunch menu?



  1. I enjoyed a lot of the lunches, but my favorite was tator tot hotdish, I think. And the cinnamon rolls. They were good.

    I know that my high school still publishes the lunch menu in the local paper. That's a small town for you! LOL!

  2. I liked chicken nuggets....or grilled cheese day. And yes, our local papers still print the lunch menu. Yuck!

  3. Oh, I got this one without even thinking: Hot turkey sandwich.

    The bread was always nice and fresh, and the gravy would soak into it, and it would stick to the roof of my mouth...Mmmm.

    I could go for one right now.

  4. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Grilled cheese and tomato soup!
    Yes the menu is still printed in our local papers.

  5. Chicken pattie on a bun with mayo with chocolate milk (and if I saved my allowance an ice cream).

  6. teacupteachermom7:07 PM

    My favorite school lunch in elementary school was the hamburger and a peanut butter cup. In high school it was the turkey sandwiches on a roll and the chocolate chip cookies. What I wouldn't give for one of those cookies right now...

  7. Pizza. I don't know about schools, but when my Grandma lived in a retirement village they would run the specials from the dining room on their tv channel.


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