Tuesday, April 08, 2008

And done!

I woke up this morning thinking about the Avon Walk. It is less than a month away and we have four fundraisers, big and small, in the works in less time than that. Sometimes I think I must be crazy for attempting to do this walk while still in my first trimester. Sometimes I think I'm crazy for agreeing to do so many fundraising events. Organized I can be. A seller of wares I am not.

Just thinking about the fact that I'll have a whole Arbonne table to myself on Saturday makes me sweat giant beads of perspiration no matter how good the cause. I am full of 'what ifs'. What if no one even glances my way? What if my friend who sells Mary Kay kicks my ass in sales? What if no one buys a single thing despite it being for charity. Arbonne is not cheap. It's hard to convey how awesome it is as a skincare line when a giant hormone-induced zit is sitting front and center on my face as well.

Last time we held a fundraiser I came away with less than $20 and a huge feeling of defeat. Then today I open up my inbox and there it is, the donation alert from Avon. I met my goal. A friend from high school, who has never donated before and I haven't spoken to much in the last few years sent me exactly $91.99. I stand amazed and with a huge grin on my face. It's like the kindness of strangers or something quaint like that.

Suddenly I feel all about fundraising. The pressure is off and I'm simply helping my teammates meet their goals. I have nothing to lose and tons of fun to have. It makes me feel sort of sweet and sappy inside. Excited too, because despite how much work it is going to be corralling over ten capitalistic vendors early Saturday morning it is all for a good cause again. The worry is no longer an issue. I feel all Chariots of Fire running now or something. If I ran anymore and didn't feel like puking every five minutes even while sitting still.

Thanks Eric! You ROCK!!

Also this? This is seriously awesome and something I am sad I had to miss.

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