Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The G-Force Effect

I've created a new word. The G-Force Effect. After four days with her grandparents T.D. is truly living up to her name. That's right. The 'G' stands for grandparent.

Why does Momma want me to get dressed in under fifteen minutes when Mem allows me to take forty? Why can't we try every barrette and pair of socks or shoes or try on three pairs of pants and six shirts? Or brush our hair and teeth slower than molasses in January?

The G-Force Effect is always accompanied by a case of the why's and a serious bout of crying. Why can't we read eight books before nap time and twelve at bedtime? If I want to stay in the tub for over and hour and get to bed two hours late what is the problem with that Momma?

Yes, the G-Force Effect is in full effect in my house. I realized it first thing yesterday morning when T.D. refused to play in her room until 7:30 like she normally does. Nope. Nothing doing. The crocodile tears and full-on pout were in view in five seconds flat. I gave in yesterday deciding to pick my battles. Today? Today is a whole new ball game and Momma is back in the house.

I'm giving away TWO Mi-bags today over here. Hurry! They won't last!! The Mi-bag is one of the best products I've ever reviewed!

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  1. Anonymous10:39 AM

    That's a nifty bag, I'm so getting one, maybe two! - Marcia


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