Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Angsty Pregnant Blogger Goes to a Conference

Today I'm off to the beautiful land of New Jersey to seek out the answers to infant and toddler sleep patterns, all that is new in J&J products and if I wasn't pregnant to drink a little.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm excited to go. Happy to be invited. Thrilled to be carpooling with this crew. But when H asked me this morning if I was packed and ready to go, all pumped up to talk to other bloggers I said, "eehhh..I'm more concerned about food. When will we eat? Will there be snacks? I forgot to buy crackers. I know were talking about sleep issues with kids, will there be nap time for me?"

Seriously. This is what it comes down to. A tiny being smaller than a grain of rice is making me nauseous as hell right now and I'm playing it moment by moment most days. It sucks. I've already uttered, "This is the last time we are doing this!" to H. I am a jumble of nerves the first trimester. I worry about how things are incubating, if there is a heartbeat, will I puke in some bloggers car, and will the smell of the hotel be alright with my finicky nose. Until last night the smell of H made me gag.

I feel like Debbie Downer as I waver between exhaustion and wondering how I get off this ship because surely that is why I feel like I'm swaying to and fro. I can eat my weight in fruit loops (without milk please, adding milk makes them taste like cheese) right now which in a house usually filled with Kashi and Special K is truly and oddity. It's official fruit loops are crack to toddlers and my kid is never coming back from this.

Still the old me is lurking around somewhere beneath the nausea and is excited to go.


  1. Good luck with your travels. I was pretty nauceous (how do you spell that??) with my daughter during my 1st & 2nd trimesters & I had to travel a lot for work (mostly on airplanes). I just kept my snacks handy & pulled the pregnancy card a few times on airplanes to get some extra snacks.

  2. I've so been there with the "morning" sickness. 9/11/01 I am in a conference room with all my coworkers watching tragedy unfold on TV (and also like 20 blocks away from where we are sitting) and I am eating dry cereal from a baggie. Like it's popcorn at the freaking movies.

  3. This sounds so familiar !!!!

    how did the trip go !? was everything alright ?


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