Thursday, December 20, 2007

Green Your Routine

I am very pleased to announce the incredible news that Dana Hackley is the winner of Ziddio's Green Your Routine video contest.

Who is Dana Hackley and why should you care? Dana was one of my college roommates, we shared a bunk in an insanely tiny room together in our sorority house and we didn't kill each other in the night. That is an amazing feat if you were to see the size of the room. I think prisoners have bigger cells. We've been in each others weddings and lives for over ten years now (ugh I feel old) and had our first babes within a year of each other. Dana is a busy woman. She writes, she teaches and she creates Academy Award winning videos. That's right. My old roomie has one the Global Green Academy Award. I'm so (sniff) proud.

Here it is- Not So Disposable, by Dana Hackley

For more information and an interview with Dana please visit Moms Speak Up.

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