Tuesday, November 20, 2007

For Goodness Sake think of Alice Paul

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Less than 100 years ago women fought for the right to vote. They fought long and hard battles staging protests and strikes in front of the White House. These women were the first people to protest in front of the White House ever. For women like Alice Paul and Lucy Burns, often described as militants, the decision to fight for the women’s right to vote was especially strong. These women endured prison time in the Occoquan Work House right here in Virginia only ten minutes from where I now live. They went on hunger strikes and the prison guards force fed them through tubes. Imprisoned three times Alice Paul would not back down. Nothing was more important to her than the women’s suffrage movement. Through her and other women’s actions, the demonstrations, parades, fires and mass meetings these women made a valid point. They were equal and deserved one of the greatest parts of being an American, the right to vote.

When I think of how these women who were part of the Congressional Union for Women’s Suffrage would react if they knew that some people, women included, would give up their right to cast a ballot for a piece of technology or and sum of money it sickens me. I feel physical pain and tears actually well up in my eyes. I want to spit fire and rain hell down on those who choose to give up their right to vote. To me it is a sacred and hard fought victory. Not voting as a woman is like pissing on these women’s graves. Their persistence and refusal to back down is part of what makes this country great but also why they won their battle. They never gave up. They never gave in no matter how arduous it was. We shouldn’t either. It makes me proud to be a woman when I think of them.

I know that today we are all very busy with our individual lives. We have families, jobs and everyday lives crammed full of things. The election is a year away. So why do we need to think about voting now? For one reason and that is to educate ourselves. To arm ourselves with the knowledge about each candidate so when it comes time to vote in the primaries and later the general election we can feel confident in our decision. If sites like BridesDecide can easily outline what each candidate stands for then why can’t we simply spend a small amount of time to pick a candidate? You probably won’t find one that believes in all the same ideals as you because most of us don’t even find that in our significant others, but just try. Take a few minutes today and do some research. Educate yourself and make the conscious decision to vote in 2008. If you aren’t registered yet NOW is the time! It takes five minutes! I swear I did it on Rock the Vote a few years back when I moved to this area. Within minutes I was a proud Virginia voter.

Vote. Do it for the future of this country. Do it so you have the right to complain when things are not to your liking, because if you refuse to cast a ballot then you have no right to argue or bitch when things go against your beliefs. Remember it is not just women in this country who fought for the right to vote. Think of the people of all races and genders all over the world who have given their life for this precious gift of choice. Let that be your guide.


  1. While I understand your frustration, one of the great things you mentioned about this country is freedom. That includes the freedom to choose not to vote at all. But I also agree that if you choose to exercise that right, you've given up your right to complain about the outcome and everything that follows as a result of that outcome. Great post.

  2. I love voting! I'm so irritated that I don't know what state I'll be living in for the primaries. I'm thinking wherever I'm living I'll stay registered in CA for the primary and worry about the general election later.


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