Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Let the Festivities Begin

My forehead is bruised. The country music and Neil Diamond on the CD player is to blame.

My ears have finally stopped bleeding. Neil Diamond again. More country music than I can stand in a week was filtered into my brain in under two hours.

The GPS system on my father's truck is still in tact. I showed it some mercy.

Our trip down south to my MIL's yesterday was uneventful. I valiantly decided not to destroy the GPS system when it repeated told us to make a U-turn for about fifty miles. I didn't feel rejected when my father decided to not listen to me and take my directions but instead use his GPS thingy. I hate those things. I hate having more noise in the car. The beeping. The fact that you trust yourself less and rely on a chip just irritates me. I will never own one.

But we made it and I managed read all but one article in my Newsweek. Still by the time I crawled out of the car I felt drugged. What is it about car rides through the country with late afternoon sun that makes you so lethargic? Even T.D. after a long nap was totally out of it. Her hair was wild with a smattering of multi-colored barrettes all over and pig-tails askew. She sullenly looked around and blinked. I hear ya kid, I feel ya.

So the Thanksgiving festivities begin. I'll be sweating blood making puff pastries this afternoon and I might need some booze to deal with that. I'm not a flaky bakey person. Pound cakes I can do. Cookies I can do. Delicate puffs of flaky dough? Not my thing. It's a good thing I'm not smoking because some ash might have gone into the mix.

Did I mention that in the flurry of activity to leave the house yesterday I forgot to pack socks? Yup. And feed the dog. Good thing the neighbor is coming by today or I might have lost my couch by the time we got back. Here's to keeping it together this holiday season. Cheers!

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