Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I wouldn't normally do this type of thing

Done. I'm just done. I can't even feel even a smidgen bad for her now. I feel that maybe if I just type this then I can release myself from reading even just one more article about her. Because really? I'm so over it.

It's Britney bitch. To quote the woman herself.

I know I don't normally go into the celebrity realm much anymore, but this whole thing is so out of control I seriously would not be surprised if suddenly she goes the way of Elvis and people report that it wasn't accident how she died, but a conspiracy. E! True Hollywood stories would do that sad voice over special on her and it would be an all day affair. Cut to the tragic photos of her funeral with her sons properly attired in Petite Tresor ensembles and then to the "crime scene" shots of her lying face down in a bed with old dirty 1,000 count sheets and endless bottles of Coke, possibly some coke, Cheeto excrement, and ashtrays full of stubbed out half-smoked Marlboros. I think someone just made money off that last sentence but I can't be sure.

I think it began with the head shaving and the umbrella weilding. Then she went away for a while and we all got sick of P*ris and LiLo instead. Now she's back! I admit I watched the alleged comeback. I even wanted her to succeed. Really. I did! Instead it was awful. I cringed while I sat on my comfy couch. It was then I first thought , "Now just go away." "Retreat girl!" "Pull yourself together." But somehow she just doesn't. It's clear she doesn't know how. She's addicted to the lens because there's nothing else perhaps? Her flunkies keep her out all hours and she is powerless to stand up to anyone? I don't know. She's a spoiled child who screams "Gimme More" and they do? I'm sick of talking about it and trying to figure it out. It is painfully obvious my pearls of wisdom and advice are going unheard by Ms. B. I'm only yelling them from across the country and at my computer after all.

Maybe Oprah needs to intervene. They can have a good cry. Maybe she should just go all Gloria Swanson/Sunset Boulevard on someones ass and then we would see that she really does need help. We see it now but it's much too much fun to just take photos of the girl/woman as if she is a zoo exhibit. She herself can't seem to resist.

In conclusion of this incredibly fascinating seat gripping piece, I say this. Leave the girl alone. Stop talking and posting about her. Make her a D-List celebrity that has to go into hiding and on some spiritual retreats for a few years. Let her come back 50 lbs heavier wearing a caftan on some awful reality show and have her shit together as much as someone can in that vacuum. As it stands now she's becoming so last year. Or she needs to be.

That's all.

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  1. LOL...I've always had a soft spot for the ole B girl. Not to take responsibility out of her hands, but I do think she didn't stand a chance at having a normal existence. I think she's stuck between that "I wanna be me" world, and the "I'm now a respectable mama" world. And given her access to all things bad and celebrity-richy-rich, it was just too easy to go the wrong direction. I do feel bad for her...I hope she can get her crap together one day.


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