Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Nine- A true life challenge

Nine pounds. Nine. (Is anyone else hearing Mr. Rooney's voice besides me?)Possibly ten. In a matter of weeks I've managed to put on that amount of weight.

Aching knees

Real half and half not the fat free kind

A dose or fifteen of heavy cream

Whipped cream

Endless batches of brownies, scones, and cookies to review. I had no choice but to eat them. It's a hazard I now realize with this job.

Fried cheese, fries, chips, chicken, fried WHATEVER all delightfully crammed into my piehole. Wild abandon was definitely there.

Ice cream

A metric ton of cheese

Stiff joints

Loss of flexibility

All add up to those 9-10 pounds. DO NOT email me saying I shouldn't berate myself. It is my own fault after all. Some people can gain that weight and be fine. My small frame does not allow that to be so. Especially after birthin' a baby. The jiggle factor is not to be believed. Those pictures of Britney Spear's cellulite ridden tushie only help just so much.

So it is here Internets that I will make a vow. I will lose those nine pounds plus one if I'm lucky (we all know after 30 it is harder than ever to lose an inch) and be more ready to take on the summer bathing suit just as it comes to a close. I'll track my progress for you all while I wait for this guy's people to work out the details of our product review. I will do it the right way too. Diet and exercise and not in the total extreme. Just enough extreme to break a sweat. Come August 30th I'll weigh in and we'll see how I do.

Anyone want to join me?


  1. Charlotte12:51 PM

    I'm in. 9 lbs by Aug 30. That's going to be tough but i need it.

  2. Anonymous1:01 AM

    why not, the stress of transition should account for 5 lbs at least :)


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