Friday, June 22, 2007

What If I Said It's Your Own Fault

What if I said-

It's not the media that kills and distorts our image of a healthy woman's body. What if I said it's us. Ourselves. We just aren't working hard enough. We skip the gym, eat a donut and then feel guilty. Is that the media slapping your wrist or yourself? Are we just using the media as an excuse for our own lack of motivation and what we see as our own failure to achieve a certain look? The body image in our brain or the one in US Weekly? Which comes first?

We choose to look the way we do. Cellulite can't always be helped. Neither can stretch marks or breast shape. The extra 10-50 lbs you are carrying? What if I said that is on you. If we are unhappy with how we look the onus is on us to change it. I hate my thighs. I could change them if I worked hard enough, ate better and such. I CHOOSE to skip the gym or eat that fourth slice of pizza. I choose brie. When I bitch and moan about the state of my rear, it's on me. My fault if I don't like it or can't accept it. It's all on me as to whether or not I LET that bother me. I'm not blaming Hollywood for making me feel bad about my ass.

Should the media play up all those "healthy" women and capture more images of stick figures with huge breasts? No, but mainly because we're sick of it. Then again, we CHOOSE to buy those magazines and watch all those brain-rotting shows. If we chose not to, well they would have to go somewhere like the closest landfill am I right?

Less bitching, more choosing I say. Oh yeah, and pass me more brie my ass is hungry.


  1. Oh, Vicky, this couldn't be more timely for me!

    I have refocused and am officially "trying to lose weight." I started to tell myself that I had a specific goal (40 pounds!), but the more I think about it, I really need to do that "lifestyle change" thing, not "diet."

    It's f'ing tough. But you're right: It's about choices. Today I'm choosing to eat a Lean Cuisine and not order Chinese with my coworkers. Last night I chose to go to the gym instead of out to dinner.

    OK...I may be choosing the Lean Cuisine in order to "spend" my calories on a drink later on. But that's a valid choice.

    As for the magazines, I chose to buy one of them to have something to read while I trudge on the elliptical. But I'm not looking at the women in the magazine and wanting to be them. And I'm not blaming the magazine or the media for my extra weight, that's for sure. In fact, I choose to watch America's Next Top Model, which is probably the worst of those "brain–rotting shows." But I love it!

    Anyway. I have no point about the media stuff. Just that, I repeat, it's f'ing tough to make this lifestyle change. But I'm choosing to do so.

  2. you are so right!!! the media does not make us eat "bad foods" or skip the gym or anything else for that matter! its on us to do what is right!!
    Amen Sister!!

  3. Totally agree !! I love deep fried brie !
    Posted on 6/22/07

    Pass a Note!

  4. i agree!

    I don't blame hollywood. I blame the Food!! lol jk!!

    grrr. i hate the gym! but my ass needs to get smaller! so like you said i can either choose to work my butt off or sit around and make it larger!


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