Saturday, June 23, 2007

Can We Just Not?

Fred Thompson is no Ronald Reagan. Enough. It's all I'm sayin'. I understand that it would be just so sweet for the Republican party to have someone who could galvanize them like Reagan did back in the day. But, Fred Thompson? Huh.

Yes, he's an actor. Just like Ronnie. They are affiliated with the same party. Great. Yippie freakin' skippie. George F. Will wrote a piece in Newsweek a bit ago about the "phenomenon" that is Thompson. He likened him to the tulip craze that hit Holland in the 1630s. When it was over no one ever knew what it was about (thank you Ashley Wilkes) and thus good ol' Fred for the Republican party. Here's an excerpt-

Republicans have scrutinized the current crop of presidential candidates and succumbed to the psychosomatic disease Reagan Deprivation. It is, however, odd that many Republicans who advertise their admiration for Reagan are so ready to describe Thompson as Reaganesque because he ... what?

Exactly. He ...what? He's Southern. He acts well. Because.... he's an actor. I just want to add this into the supposed frey- there is a Fred Thompson bubble happening? Really? Since when? Since Newsweek's last printing or from the one before that? I am starting to think it's just a media/only Newsweek thing. They mention him continuously and now they mention him akin to Ronald Reagan about once a week. I largely ignore it or I read on only for mere Reagan era mentions.

Then today, NPR burped out this blurb... "Fred Thompson visited London this week and met with former Prime Minister (I waited with baited breath and blurted out- Please! Let it be TONY BLAIR. sigh...) Margaret Thatcher." Ugh. ENOUGH! He visited Thatcher, for what? Tips on how to be more Gipper-like? For the mere mention of the connection?! No Fred! No! You can't not become more Reaganesque just by sitting near people who were his friends.

I'm just sayin.. is all...Enough. Thompson's basset hound face does not at least resemble the Great Communicator. That can't be faked into existence.

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