Friday, August 03, 2007

The Nine- My Rules

So some of you have expressed interest in joining me in losing 'the nine'. Great! Glad to have accomplices and people to help buoy me when I want to sink my teeth into a Twinkie or something. They'll be my Nine Sponsors that I can call or something like that.

(feel free to make up suitable ones for you)

Excercise AT LEAST thirty minutes four times a week. (It worked well in the 5-Day Challenge)

One Cheat Day- preferably a weekend- 5 Factor Diet and Diet for Life allows it so I will too.

Incorporate weights and cardio during workout. Hopefully that will eliminate the slow workouts on treadmills.

One alcoholic drink a week. No more guzzling Chardonnay in manner of Bridget Jones.

Overall MORE water, LESS carbs, MORE Veggies.

Really it's about being less Homer and more Marge.

I'll keep you posted weekly on my losses or gains (oh the horror!) and tally it up at the end of the month.

That's the kicker. H and I might be venturing back up to old NE for one last summer jaunt on the coastline. I'll be swimming in clamcake grease for a week. YIKES!


  1. Just think sweet corn instead of crab cakes. I know it's hard, but I've had no choice in giving up the cakes. There are plenty of healthy delicassies in NE if you really want them.

  2. somehow that doesn't work... especially since I loathe crab cakes. Ick! Can't resist the Hitching Post clamcakes. I think the whole never get it thing gets to me and I CHOW DOWN.

    I will remain strong and eat only a few clamcakes, one dose of ice cream, and some Del's. No more of my mother's daily desserts...


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