Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy, Happy!

I'm turning the big 3-1 this week. Not to be confused with 4-0 or last year's big 3-0 where I threw myself a big ol' party that included a very large cake, too much alcohol, H being dubbed 'chocolate puke stain' (CPS for short) for a while, and an ambulance being called. And no, it was not due to a white trash type fight or too much drink. Needless to say it was a party to remember.

This year I'm a little more sedate in my partying. It's relaxation and a bit of a getaway I'm looking for. I'll be strolling waterside, lounging by the pool, and reading at my MiL's. I know. I'm choosing to spend my birthday at my Mother-in-law's house. We have a good relationship though so when she offered I jumped. Her house is made for resting and it's just far enough away to feel like we've gone somewhere. Coconut cake will be served. Is there anything better?

I comprised a little 3-1 wish list (see right sidebar) for any interested parties. It's short and sweet and to the point. Beyond wishing to get my eyebrows waxed soon there isn't much I really want. Massages are always nice, but I'm really jonesing for a laptop to make my working life better.

For a little funny click here. Izzy finds the funniest things.

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