Monday, June 05, 2006

Sticky Cigarette Butt Mess

Also known as my 30th birthday party. I had my 30th birthday party this past weekend. It was a blast. Thank you to all those who came out and helped me celebrate and tie one on. It was a lot of fun had by me and I hope everyone who came out. You can usually tell a party is good by how late people stay (4 a.m. to the deck crew) and the aftermath/clean up the next day.

Or how gross your bathroom is the next day. Suffice to day- pretty damn gross. I heard from guests earlier in the night that my dear husband had gotten sick on the floor but it wasn't until the following day when the harsh light of reality comes blasting in did it really become noticable. It wasn't too terrible but I'm wondering if we'll ever get that chocolate pound cake puke stain off my carpet. I wonder if my clothes smell like vomit as he spent most of the day on the floor of our closet with the door glued shut because - "it's dark and for some reason I have a horrible migraine". Uh-huh. I wonder what from?! Maybe it was the delightful and oh so smart drink concoction of coronas, gin & tonic. Yummmm! He used my white bath mat to clean up the mess which was also smeared on the mirror. Lovely. I spent much of the next day cleaning up the deck of the empty beer bottles, plastic drink cups and cigarette butts that had fallen everywhere. I found frosting in the oddest places as well as confetti and string. I think I'll be finding that stuff for years to come. I still can't get the pink rings off my sideboard from the shark attack drinks I valiantly tried to master (Thank you to all those of you who were my guinea pigs and said it was a tasty drink). Oh well, bygones. It was all in the name of a good party.

Thanks everyone! So far the 30's rock!

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  1. Mike said he'd like to see video of Dom puking chocolate cake in reverse.


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