Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I feel so boring these past few days that I actually had a dream last night about picking up laundry off the floor. Yup. You just read that right. I mean come on! Who dreams that kind of stuff?! The worst of it is that it was stressful. I was stressing out in my dream. I would pick up one baby washcloth off the floor only to find a sweatsock and then another washcloth and then a towel. It never ended! I would go from room to room and the damn laundry was mulitplying like Easter rabbit babies! I finally threw up my hands and decided to move on to another task. That would be cleaning bottles. I know you are on the edge of your seat. I can barely contain myself as I type this. The excitement is just too much. I am riveting right? In my dream I found a whole cache of old nasty bottles full of mold and stinking worse than anything you can think of. I could barely open them and wash them.

On another note I'm reading a great new book. Totally different than my last read- Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster (yes, I'm plugging her book and now her blog- Jennsylvania-see side bar). Anyway, this new book is called 'The Book Theif'. It's a good read so far about a girl name Liesel (I would have named T.D. that if my husband had allowed it). Liesel lives in Nazi Germany and steals banned books. What makes the book so fascinating is that it's narrated by Death. Death is not scary or grim reaperish either. Rather he likes Liesel and she's evaded Death a few times and now he can't stop watching her. He's forgetting to collect other souls despite a whole World War that is raging. He likes watching her steal and fight for her life in Munich. Who doesn't love a good Nazi read either? You know I do.

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  1. Hey, I checked out the Jennsylvania site....I read just a bit of her blog..I like her already! I'm glad to see that I am not the only one who noticed the 24 discrepencies! And I totally agree with the man-purse comment. (Anyway, if you didn't read her entry or mine, it won't make sense...)


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