Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Groovin' on a Sunday Afternoon

The neighborhood HOA has gone all spring cleaning on us over here and in the last few weeks they have sent out notices on retina searing orange paper asking us not to park in our spots for a while. We do it and usually do not see anything different. Yesterday, though they sealed our parking areas and roads in record time making me think that little elves where out there working when I wasn't looking. How else could only two guys do so much work in such a short time? It's a long street!

I digress. This whole "no parking" thing has us moving our cars a few streets away from our houses periodically. Sunday I realized that this task would make my predictable Monday jaunt to the local food emporium insanely difficult. Groceries, toddler, hot May day, trekking the streets back and forth equals Death March. Not going to happen. I grumbled to H. He had a brilliant suggestion. Go now. Go Sunday afternoon. Go without T.D. Hmm.. what?! Go grocery shopping and not have someone throw the produce on the floor, bruising it into an unfamiliar state? Go without the eardrum splitting screaming? Really? That can still happen? In less time than it takes head lice to hop from one head to another I was off. That's really fast for those of you who have not had the pleasure of seeing lice in action. As I ran out the door I heard H say, "Take your iPod. You'll love it."

I did take my iPod. As I rounded the first aisle I furtively took it out and nestled it into my Capri pants pocket. 'Freedom 90' by George Michael blasted on. My step got a little sassy. I threw some broccoli and green beans in the cart with pizazz. Ta Da! As I cruised the aisles in my own little White Stripes world I noticed that grocery shopping was fun. I had some trouble concentrating on my list when 'Get Down on It' came on, but the trip went faster and I did not care about anyone else in the store. I only cared that I had some good tunes playing. The need to do a little spin amidst the slew of soy and stir fry sauce was too much to control. I think I even smiled at people as they passed. I was a bit sad when I had to turn it off to go through checkout. It all ended so soon.

It's odd and mildly interesting to note this change. Having a child has made a task I normally love one I now stress about. The constant fear of something being tossed from the cart and not noticing (sort of like car keys) and the attitude the grocery store sometimes induces makes me cringe and grow weary upon simply pulling into the parking lot. I might have to start shopping on Sunday's alone at least once in a while to keep a decent perspective. I highly recommend taking music with or without kids to the grocery store.

As I got into the car to make my way home 'Icky Thump' by the White Stripes came on making the trip just that much better.

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  1. heather8:55 AM

    i completely agree with the change of view regarding the grocery store...or any other store...going by myself is a whole other experience now - its not right that we are so happy about going to the store alone!! although, i thank the inventor of the race car shopping carts every time i take the little monkey!


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