Friday, March 16, 2007

A Valid Point?

H said to me the other day in a rather random conversation, "I think we all feel a bit bad about it. It's like we are all partly responsible for the problem. You know?"

What was he talking about? This-

And this-

I have to wonder. Does he have a valid point? I think he might. She can't even get through rehab right and we're all there watching and reading. We've witnessed every falling down, peanut butter/puking, umbrella throwing moment in this girls life since she was fourteen. Shouldn't we all just stop staring at her like she's a circus freak and as H said, "Let Britney heal Britney."

I know I was dying with laughter over this philosophical moment too. I am just waiting for the day however when Brit is interviewed by Matt Lauer again but this time wearing special healing beads and talking about her whole new lease on life and her seventh husband, Paulo, 18 years her junior.

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