Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Road Trip!

My mother called last night. She felt I needed directions of the utmost detail for their new house. T.D. and I are heading out for a few days into a land without internet. I'm scared. I will feel so alone. I will miss you internets. The conversation with my mother went something like this-

Mom: Ok, when you get to this route you will pass the casino. Really pass it. The whole thing. Don't be fooled by the other roads that seem like our roads. They are marked like that. So go pass the casino employee parking until employee lot 10. Lot 10. Employee Lot 10. Ok?

Me: Desperately trying to listen and not laugh as she confuses me with more and more details in what I know is really quite simple.

Mom: The road to our house is really narrow, winding and hilly. So hilly and narrow and winding that sometimes when you are going up a hill you might not see another car and the road is narrow so you have to be...

Me: MOM! I got it!

H: (He can't even hear the conversation but knows without a doubt what she is saying and yells) She's 30 years old and has a kid! I think she can figure it out!!!

Me: Burst out laughing finally and tell my Mom through gasps and guffaws what he just said.

Mom: Oh really? Well tell him I hope his baseball draft this weekend is total crap!

Ah family...

My Mom continued to point out park signs, fast food chains and other obscure tiny roads I should NOT take. I tried to filter it out and come up with a simple- turn right near the donut shop. Easy.

So we're off! T.D. and I head out to lands up north for a few days. Fear not! We'll be back Monday. They don't have an internet connection going yet up in those parts of them there woods. AT&T is slacking I guess. I'll try and post our adventures. For now know I'm probably EZ-passing near your town this week.


  1. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Good luck w/ TD & the car ride and have a great trip!

    I can't wait to hear how it went.


  2. **Crystal**2:11 AM

    Just introducing myself - I'm your partner at the Blog Exchange. Get in touch w/me when you get back (email is on my blog). Have a good trip!

  3. This sounds exactly like my mother in law. Unfort, since I'm not her blood relative I'm not able to be as forgiving of it and I end up bashing my head against tables sometimes rather than listen to her talk about all the different kinds of spoons in her drawer when all I want is a knife. It's a funny little trait - I need to be better about it!


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