Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Musical Meme

Musical Meme
I've been tagged by Life As I Know It to do a Musical Meme. Here goes nothing!

The guidelines are: list seven songs you are into right now. No matter what they are. They must be songs you are presently enjoying. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

In no particular order:

Back in the Day, Christina Aguilera
This song makes me want to sing out loud. I have to lip sync even at the gym much to my embarrassment. I love that someone else under the age of 50 also loves these old singers and their songs.

It's on The Rocks-The Donnas
Perfect for the Road Trip I'm taking this week. These fun rocker chicks make weaving in and out of traffic as I dance in the car that much more fun. And we've all dated that guy that needs way too much attention.

Maybe I'm Amazed- Sir Paul McCartney
Yes, I put Sir before his name. I'm a dork I know. Suck it Heather Mills you will not go far in Dancing with the Stars. This song is beautiful to me. I play it at least once a week and it never fails to move me.

I'll Be Around- The Spinners
Always makes me sing aloud and think better of my fellow man. It even cures me of my evilness while sitting in the unholy hell that is DC metro traffic.

Rock With You-Michael Jackson
Reminds me of working at CVS when I was sixteen and chained behind the register. My best friend had the dance from the video DOWN and would come in and perform it while I was stuck at work. I laugh each time I hear it as I think of those days.

View to a Kill-Duran Duran
Reminds me of high school. I'm not that old but I did drive to school with an old friend each day who was way too into these guys for a 90s high school guy. We would traverse over bumpy dirt roads to school each morning rocking out with bad 80s dance moves in his white VW rabbit.

Seven Nation Army-White Stripes.
ALWAYS on in the car or on the iPod. Always. This song speaks to me and gets down into me in a way I just can't articulate. It makes me want to smoke and run at the same time. I don't get it either but I love it and sometimes that is just the way it is.

I tag Colin Chronicles, Where in the World, Diane's Rantings, Tumble Dry, and Catalog of Bitch. That's all.

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