Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Five Minutes with Wendy Williams

They say everyone gets their fifteen minutes of fame. I got about five this week at the Wendy Williams "After Show". It's something new that Wendy is doing and a few other bloggers have already visited her behind the scenes, post-show.

From the minute I got the email I kept wondering, "What?! Why me?"

Before I knew it, H and I were NYC bound. Then in an instant we were at the studio sitting in the audience of a live taping of the Wendy Williams show. From the warm-up filled with fantastic, blasting music, being doused with piles of fake snow and guests like Jonah Hill and singer, Common (Seriously! That was like a dream guest to see and watch him perform live! I was so freakin' excited!!) it was so much fun I didn't even feel nervous about the pending interview.

Then I was being taken to the green room and reapplying my lip gloss. H asked me if I wanted some water and I sort of spazzed. Two seconds later it was time to go meet Wendy.

So what did we possibly have to talk about? Our ginormous feet for one.


Personally, I cringe each time I view this segment. I just want to yell at the screen, "Talk louder, Vicky! Talk more!" Oh well. I'm still feeling this whole on-screen thing out. I'm just happy I got the chance to meet a woman who is a true character in the best sense, is down to earth and can give some great advice.

*Dress and necklace purchased by me at Banana Republic.


  1. So very cool Victoria! :-) I was really surprised at how down to earth she is. From the few times I have watched the show she is a very out there kind of person but her behind the scenes moments I just watched she really is just another person who likes to try and cook at home (bonus points for her) and who makes a point to take care of herself (makeup off right after the show). Cool. PS - great outfit on you!

  2. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Great job, Vicky! You rocked it!

    - E

  3. Very cool!

    (I have big feet too.)


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