Thursday, November 17, 2011

Two Turns Three

"Let's crush her!" I heard it plain as day even though she was whispering it to her older sister.  The talking out of the side of her mouth, the sneaking and stealing of food, hiding out under furniture and popping up where you would least expect it.  That's all Soucy.  She's smiling one minute, charming you with her smile and the next she is telling you that "I yell at you! I put you in a trap and make you cry!" 

She loves eggs and not for eating. She thinks they are her babies that she can carry with her and carry around in blankets. 

She will eat all the fruit in your fruit bowl but you will never know until a day later when you grab an apple only to find half of it bitten and gone.  The girl turns each apple or pear around each and every time. 

If you look in her bed you'll find half your chapsticks, some spare change, a few pieces of candy and probably another egg and apple. 

She is a charmer.  A character through and through. She calls herself "Soucy-boots" and she's three.

Happy Birthday little girl. You make us laugh and nothing is better than one of your strong hugs. We couldn't imagine our world without your sweet, smiling face.  Even when you wake us up each day telling us, "Quick! Darth Vader is fighting in my bedroom!"

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  1. Happy birthday to The Comedian. Can't believe she is 3 already. WOW.


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