Tuesday, November 29, 2011

She's Crafty. Sort of.

Actually no. Ask anyone and I will deny being crafty any time, any day of the week.  There was that brief period in the late 90s where I scrapbooked but to that all I can say is, "I got caught up in the frenzy, man!" 

I am thrifty.  I like being economical, hard times or not.  Finding a bargain or way to save money kind of gets me all hot and bothered.  It only seems natural now that I combined the two practices and came up with this idea for The Comedian's last birthday.

Yup, I made cupcake toppers and it was free courtesy of Mooo.com

Face masks for the "Cheeky Monkey" theme at Mooo.com.  Only costs me a $1 for the sticks.

The bags were bought at Micheal's in a pack for less than $5.  Inside I printed out a coloring page and personalized door hanger from Mooo.com and added a Target $1 hardback kids book about fall, crayons from a multi-pack in the party section at Target also under $5 for a set of 8 packs.  Bug tattoos and fake bugs from Oriental Trading Company came to $12 total.  Bags complete!

I purchased a helium tank for $20 (with balloons) and let them hang all over the house.  We had a light snack and blew up our hand-me-down fun house.  All total- $60 was spent for a cute, memorable party that was actually no stress.

Frog tattoo on forehead with two half-sleeves on the arms = priceless.

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  1. I love a fun, economical party!! Definitely need to check out Mooo.com!


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