Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Totally Untamed Tuesday

I can be a bit of a control freak.  I like things to be done certain ways and when they aren't well, I tend to get a bit, uh, testy.  You are sitting there completely shocked right now, I know.

When The Comedian started eating cereal straight from the bag yesterday morning I looked at her and TD and declared it, "Totally Untamed Tuesday!"  I was going to just let things go.  For a day.  My friend, Kristen would say I was letting go of my "New England hang-ups sensibilities".  So I let the kids eat cereal out of the bag.  I let them put cereal in sippy cups with milk and try to eat it that way.  We made an impromptu trip to "Crazy Town" as TD calls it and when the book store we were visiting wasn't open yet (an hour late!) I just 'Meh'd' it and we took a walk. 

OK, I got a little testy.  The Comedian was in underpants I didn't know how long I could walk around a town that hates stroller people and doesn't have easy access to a bathroom.  But nothing happened.  We had a walk and a trip to the bookstore and then I went a step further and we had cupcakes with juice boxes all before lunch. 

It's Totally Untamed Tuesday!  We be getting wild and crazy up in this joint, yo! Like Bree Van de Kamp wild.  Except, without the guns. 

I even let The Fifth Element eat play-doh.  It was that kind of day.  Today we are back on schedule, no wacky Wednesday's. I don't want to give myself a coronary or stroke or have yogurt paint on my walls, you know.  Besides, Totally Untamed Tuesday totally wore our asses out. 

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